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All keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + A / โŒ˜ + A = Select all#

By default, this selects all nodes. You can also click any connector, then press Ctrl + A / โŒ˜ + A to select all connectors (see Select arrows).

Ctrl + C / โŒ˜ + C = Copy#

This copies selected node(s) or connector(s).

Ctrl + V / โŒ˜ + V = Paste#

Paste items from clipboard.

+ or Insert = Add node#

This adds a node (if no node is selected) or adds a child node to the node selected.

- or Delete = Delete#

Deletes the selected node or connector.

Ctrl + Z / โŒ˜ + Z = Undo#

Ctrl + Y / โŒ˜ + Y = Redo#

Ctrl + B / โŒ˜ + B = Bold#


This only works in Node Content.

Ctrl + I / โŒ˜ + I = Italic#

Ctrl+I = italics (only works in Node Content:).


This only works in Node Content.

Ctrl + U / โŒ˜ + U = Underline#


This only works in Node Content.

Ctrl + S / โŒ˜ + S = Save#

This is a quick way to save your map. If it's your first time saving, you'll need to give your map a name.

Shift + drag = Drag nodes in straight line#

This drags nodes in a straight line (i.e. only horizontally or only vertically).

Ctrl + click + drag nodes = Drag nodes and descendants#

This drags nodes and their descendants (child nodes).

Ctrl + click + drag neighbourhood title = Drag neighbourhood#

Ctrl-click and drag on a neighbourhood title = drag neighbourhood.

Alt + click or Option + click = quick pan#

Alt-click / option-click and drag to 'quick pan'. You can turn on normal pan in the sidebar.