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Watching lessons

To watch a lesson, click Course in the top navigation bar, then click the name of the lesson.

Lessons will look something like this:

Video-linked presentations#

When you watch a lesson, it will often be a 'video-linked presentation'. This means there is a video linked to the Ako Map, though they're still separate items. The purpose of linking them is to help you understand the structure of the topic, and to show you where you can find more information later on.

You can double-click a node during a lesson to jump to the timestamp for that topic. You can also pause the video at any time to read the content inside the Ako Map, then press Play to continue on.

The video bar#

When watching a video-linked presentation, you'll see a bar like this:

The icons on the left of the screen are, in order (left-to-right):

  • Play / Pause
  • Back 5 seconds
  • Forward 5 seconds
  • The Explore Map button hides the video and shows all nodes so you can explore. Press Play again to resume the presentation.
  • The Topics button opens a menu showing the topics covered in the lesson. You can select a topic to jump to that section of the video.

The icons on the right of the screen are, in order (left-to-right):

  • The current Topic you are up to in the lesson
  • A Settings button to change the speed of the video
  • A Mute button to toggle audio on and off
  • Maximise the lesson
  • Exit presentation